5 Blunders to avoid on LinkedIn!

5 Blunders to avoid on LinkedIn!


LinkedIn is absolutely an incredible professional network. Use a professional profile picture. Write a professional summary which should sell you and help in landing for a high-paying job. Follow influencers and the company pages you want to work for in the future.

Don’t let some of your habits spoil your online brand. It offers you best features to maximise your value to build your strong digital PR. Whether you are building a personal brand or looking for a business online, let’s learn about five basic etiquettes to be followed while using LinkedIn:

1.     Vague headline:  Headline is like the first impression of your profile. An attractive headline will only make the visitor click on your profile. It should be properly customised and strike the mind with something very special. Crafting headline is all about copy-writing. Sit back and pour out your creativity.   

2.     Being a Copy-cat:  Yes, it is tempting to become a frequent blogger on LinkedIn. But, if somebody catches your “Ctrl+ C & Ctrl + V habit”, my friend you are getting into trouble. Bad-mouthing spreads like wildfire.  This mistake can spoil everything. Write what you know and your original content.

3.     Don’t write immature:  Focus on a creative content creation. Brainstorm and make extra- efforts in writing a summary and headline for your profile. Your content should offer insights to your readers. The content should be really meaningful and shoot right at the heart of the reader.

4.     Using it for fun and gossip: Yes, it is okay to add strangers on LinkedIn. But they should be adding value to your LinkedIn profile. Let me mind you, LinkedIn is a professional directory, not a place to chit-chat and have fun.

5.     Don’t over-share: There is no bad thing in sharing. But on social media, we should follow some rules and etiquettes. Your over-sharing can irritate other clients.


Don’t use selfie profile picture on LinkedIn. Don’t boast yourselves. Just be neutral.  Your LinkedIn profile will work wonders for you if above-written mistakes are ignored. Read and learn more about the professional possibilities on LinkedIn. Also check on the kind of people visiting your profile.

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