How to organize your desk?

How to organize your desk?


The more organised your desk will be, the higher your productivity level will get. Your office desk will tell a lot more about you. First of all your desk should be spacious and neat. A clean desk will help you to spark productivity and cultivate a sense of creativity. Keep the important items at your arm’s reach. Say a big no disorganisation. Organize your pens and important files properly. Items which you don’t use every day; shall be placed in your cupboard. Keep your mobile and laptop station at one place.

Let’s learn about the Big-small tips which will take you from cluttered to productive mind:  

Organize your desktop:  Save items which you will use again. Delete what is not necessary. Keep your anti-virus updated. Log-out of your social media accounts. They can become counter-productive in your work.

Keep it clean:  Deep clean your desk four or five times in a year. Create your personal space. Buy a new holder if required.  Decorate your highlighters, pens, visiting card holder etc. in a beautiful manner. 

Pictures:  Avoid using personal pictures in the office. Don’t flaunt your private fire. Put pictures of quotes or arts which brims you with power and energy. Choose beautiful colours and decorate your desk with your creative imagination.

Create folders for meetings:   Keep relevant folders on your desk. Whenever the project gets completed, put a label on the folder and place it in your cupboard.

Organize your E-mail:  Sometimes your E-mail can become a major distraction. Check your E-mail only twice or thrice a day. Don’t keep them pending, read all the emails.  Delete the emails which are no longer in use now.

Have a perfect sitting posture:  Adjust your office chair with maximum back support, comfortable seating and a resting eye-level to the screen. A wrong sitting posture will create a bad effect on your back. Also, keep a tab of your daily sugar intake.

Pinboard: Don’t make it look like a messed-up Facebook wall. It should have some pattern. Use coloured pins and place your to-do list. It will gradually enhance your productivity.

At the end of the day, give your desk a small sweep. Clear your piles. Organize your drawers also. You can also get in touch with the world’s leading placement agencies, to find a relevant job according to your expectations and education. Don’t miss out the opportunity of hiring the best available talented of the industry, so get in touch with us now!


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